One of those 2015 compendiums

I went through old posts and picked out some of my highlights from 2015

A combination of thoughtful, creative, and generally inspirational stuff you may find interesting.

On the future of interaction design

  1. Designing beyond the screen
  2. Living services
  3. Fjord 2016 trends
  4. Google’s project soli, radar based gesture recognition
  5. The risks of listening machines
  6. Beyond design thinking
  7. Time and user experience

Reasons to be cheerful:

  1. Why 2015 was great 
  2. Optimistic statisticians

On the future and moving forward

  1. Gerd Leonard on transformation
  2. Paul Mason on the end of Capitalism
  3. Being wary of artificial intelligence
  4. Terraforming planet earth?
  5. Vina Gupta on identity in a digital world (long read) 

On those clever Blockhains that might change the world

  1. Vinay Gupta on programmable blockhains
  2. Blockchains for music?

The random video section

  • Eclectic Method remix the The Future

  • If the cuckoo don’t crow

  • Stromae does social media with Sylvain Chomet of Belleville Rendezvous fame

  • An oldie that resurfaced this year: Gaspers one man band, Nkhata bay, Malawi

  • Carl Sagan set to video: The Pale Blue Dot

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