One of those 2015 compendiums

I went through old posts and picked out some of my highlights from 2015 A combination of thoughtful, creative, and generally inspirational stuff you may find interesting. On the future of interaction design Designing beyond the screen Living services Fjord 2016 trends Google’s project soli, radar based gesture recognition The risks of listening machines Beyond … [Read more…]

Preparing for the unknown

We’re living in a period of unprecedented change, we need to embrace long-term thinking, not abandon it.  I have heard it said recently that there is no point in developing a five-year digital strategy. At worst, proponents of this view suggest we place our faith in agile thinking. At best they suggest that we need to constantly … [Read more…]

Get yourself connected


The launch of my new Connected Supper Club group is just five days away now and I am getting both excited and nervous We’re getting connected upstairs at The Joker in Islington on Friday evening, with three delicious courses of beer inspired dishes, and a great selection of people. This is a wonderful opportunity to … [Read more…]

The fundamentals of digital success

The fundamentals of digital success was my first foray into publishing. Published in December 2014 it is a short ebook designed as an introduction for those taking on digital management for the first time. You can download the book for Kindle on Amazon.